The cuisine of Palermo is a journey through the history of spices and flavors marked by numerous rulers and people who are new arrivals in town. Among the typical products of Palermo, the main dish and most important is the pasta with sardines, a seasonal dish that can be prepared from March to September with fresh sardines and wild fennel.
Other typical products: arancina, a fried rice ball stuffed with a filling of meat sauce, peas and mozzarella; caponata, an appetizer consisting of fried vegetables in sweet and sour sauce; pane con la milza, which consists of a soft loaf with sesame seeds and stuffed with chopped veal spleen; anelletti al forno, baked pasta with a type of pasta in the shape of rings; panini con panelle e crocchè, sandwich stuffed pancakes made with chickpea flour and potato dumplings called by Palermo "cazzilli"; quarume, composed of the entrails of calf boiled in a pot with onions, carrots and parsley; parmigiana di melanzane, stuffed with “provola”, boiled egg, parmesan and tomato sauce; sarde a beccafico, with breadcrumbs, lemon and pine nuts; the involtini alla palermitana, meat stuffed with breadcrumbs, cheese, pine nuts, raisins, parsley and onion.
Palermo is famous for its desserts, among them, should not be missed: the cannoli, with filling of ricotta; cassata, cake made with ricotta, sponge cake, candied fruits, marzipan and icing sugar; and sfincia di San Giuseppe, from soft dough pancake topped with honey.


Palermo is a beautiful city full of history, culture and nature. In the past it was conquered by various peoples, from the Phoenicians to the Muslims, the Normans to the Spaniards, the different cultures that have given the city a remarkable architectural and artistic heritage.

Palermo is a city with a millennial history of multi-ethnic and where you can admire numerous monuments dating back to earlier periods, among which stand out: the Palazzo dei Normanni, now home to the Regional Assembly of Sicily, is one of the most visited monuments in the island; the church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, very characteristic with its red domes, the Cathedral, an architectural complex featuring different styles, the historical center and many other churches, palaces, castles, museums and theaters.

Nature has endowed this city with exceptional landscapes numerous green areas and a breathtaking view, in fact, there are many nature reserves and parks throughout the city to walk and breathe clean air. Palermo is also famous for its sea coast where its always blue, the wild and beautiful rocks create a magical setting.
Its long history, scenic beauty and architectural monuments and the sea gives the city a unique beauty.

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